I am writing to personally recommend the dental services provided by Dr. John Burdine. I became a patient of Dr. Burdine's on August 4, 2009. Previously I experienced teeth loss and extreme periodontal gum disease. My first visit (to another dentist), resulted in a recommendation of complete teeth extraction, resulting in upper and lower dentures. My choice was to keep my teeth and restore the missing teeth with implants. 

Dr. Burdine was able to make all my choices a REALITY. My dental procedures included tissue grafts, bone grafts, sinus lift, and splinting. The next step was the beginning of seven implants completed in February 2015. I now have the satisfaction of having my teeth back and living a healthier life. 
Ron S., Magnolia, Texas

I have been Dr. Burdine's patient for about five years and I have been very pleased with his care. His office always seems relaxed, and he takes the time to thoroughly discuss any changes since the previous visit. When a procedure is longer than an hour or so there is a nice break of maybe 15 minutes, so you can get up and stretch, go to the bathroom, etc. All procedures are done with a local anesthetic. I really appreciate this conservative approach, rather than using a general anesthetic, because I want to be awake in case something unexpected comes up that needs to be discussed, and I like to be able to drive home immediately afterwards without concerns about a drug hangover.

Dr. Burdine's dental assistant, Angela, is also a very experienced professional, and is often able to suggest a "tweak" in routine or post-procedure home care so that I am more comfortable and to it is more effective.

I hope, for your sake, that your need for periodontal care is minor. But if your general dentist says you need this advanced dentistry, I can recommend Dr. Burdine without hesitation.
Mary W., Houston, Texas

John Burdine is an outstanding periodontist with extraordinary skills. We met after another dentist drilled through a tooth, my gum and into the bone, resulting in infection of the entire upper left side of my mouth. John's quick diagnosis and expert treatment saved that portion of my gum, bone and teeth located in the area. Regardless of what dental problem might arise I would not go to anyone but John for advice. Simply stated, John is the best in the business.
Pete S., Houston, Texas

I have been seeing Dr. Burdine for a couple of years now and am  amazed at the transformation. To most, undergoing dental procedures is not a pleasant activity, but my experience has been great! Angela and Dr. Burdine are truly warm, inviting and comforting. I currently work in the dental profession so I can spot a perfectionist a mile away and Dr. Burdine is one of the best. If you truly care about keeping your gums and teeth healthy for the rest of your life, the clear choice is Dr. Burdine.
Janie A., Houston, Texas

Dr. John T. Burdine is, in my opinion, the dental patient's "dream dentist”. After having spent many years in different dentists' chairs I found Dr. Burdine! He started by assessing my dental needs then

made a plan of care for me. During each office visit he explained in each and every step exactly what to expect. His follow-up care is impeccable. His gentle but thorough methods have helped me attain a new level of dental health and a fabulous and healed, healthy new smile!
Calanne C., Houston, Texas

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John T. Burdine

Dr. John T. Burdine graduated from the University of Texas in 1966 with a B.S. in chemistry and from the Houston Dental Branch in 1970 with a D.D.S degree.